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The project is a community for socialization and communication that is built for people everywhere. Your experience on this site is unique: from the posts, news, events, advertisements and other forms of content you see or place on our video platform and up to the pages you are tracking and other functions that you can use.

The given Conditions (named formerly the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities) represent the complete agreement between you and regarding the use of our Products by you. The given Conditions supersede any previous agreements.

Some of the Products we offer are regulated also by additional conditions. If you use any of these Products, the additional conditions will be made available to you and will be part of the agreement between you and us.



In the Terms and conditions of the website, “Your content” will represent any text, audio, video, image or other materials that you want to display on this site. By display of the content, you grant to a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute in any media. The placed content must be yours and should not invade the rights of the third parties.



In the products of the site that you will use, we will help you find and establish relationships with people, groups, businesses, organizations and other entities that are important for you. All your data that the site will dispose of after the registration will be used only to offer you different groups in which to sign up, the events to participate in or pages to track or send messages to, broadcasts to watch and people you might want to be friends with. Stronger relationships strengthen communities and we consider that our services are the most useful when people establish relationships with people, groups and organizations that are important for them.

The site offers you numerous ways to express yourself and to communicate with your friends, family and other people about the things important for you, for example, you can distribute the status updates, photos, videos and news in all the Products of that you use, to send messages to a friend or several persons.

At the same time, we present you various advertisements and offers as well as other forms of sponsored content in order to help you discover the content, products and services offered by numerous businesses and organizations using the site Our partners pay us for the presentation of their content to you and we designed our services so that the sponsored content you see to be as relevant and useful for you as any other content you see in our Products. has the right to assign, transfer and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification. However, you are not allowed to assign, transfer or subcontract any of your rights and/or obligations in accordance with these Terms.




When there are detected the harmful content or behaviours related to your data, the site assumes all appropriate measures at the request of the person to whom it is caused a damage on the given site, by removal of the content, blocking of the access to certain functions to the harmful person, deactivation of the account or addressing to the law enforcement authorities.



The site carries out the research activities and collaborates with other people in order to improve the accessibility and security of the site. In order to provide these services, we need to collect and use your data with personal character. One of the methods by means of which we do this consists in the analysis of the data we dispose of and understanding of the manner in which people want to be as protected as possible in their personal data placed on the site. Any username and password that you may have on the Website are confidential and you must keep the confidentiality and you will not transfer any rights or obligations you have under these Terms to other parties without our consent.

You can designate a person (named inheritance contact) that will manage your account if it is converted into a memorial account. Only the person you have designated as inheritance contact or a person you identified in a valid testament or a similar document expressing a clear consent regarding the disclosure of your content in case of death or incapacity will be able to request the disclosures from your account after it is converted into a memorial account.

The given Terms do not confer to the third parties the rights of beneficiary. All our rights and obligations under the given Terms may be assigned by us without the restrictions in connection with a fusion, acquisition or sale of goods, or by law or otherwise.



When people support their opinions and actions, our community becomes safer and more responsible. Therefore, you must:

·       Use the name you use in everyday life.

·       Provide accurate information about yourself.

·       Create one single (your) account and use the chronology for personal purposes.

·       Do not communicate your password, do not give others the access to your account and do not transfer your account to another person (without our permission).

We try to make available to everyone, but you cannot use if:

·       You are under 16 years old. If you are under sixteen (16) years old, you can use the site only under the supervision of your parent or guardian, so you can both understand all your rights and obligations.

·       You were convicted for the offenses of sexual nature.

·       We have previously disabled your account for the infringements of our terms or policies.



For the purpose of the safety and well-being of the registered persons and of the integrity of our community, you are committed to the restrictions described below:

1.     It is forbidden to use our Products in order to undertake any actions or to distribute any content:

·       That infringe the given Terms and other terms and policies applicable to the use of by you.

·       That are illegal, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent.

·       That harm or infringe the rights of other persons.

2.     It is forbidden to upload the viruses or malicious codes or to take any actions that might disable, overload or affect the correct functioning or appropriate appearance of our Products.

3.     It is forbidden to access or to collect data from our Products using the automated means (without our prior permission) or to attempt to access the data that you do not have permission to access.

Certain domains of this site are restricted to being accessed by you, and may still restrict your access to any part of this site at any time in a discretionary manner. We may delete the content you distribute with the infringement of these provisions and, if applicable, we may take action on your account. We may disable also your account if you repeatedly infringe the intellectual property rights of other persons.



In order to provide the services of the site correctly and reliably, you agree to grant us the permission to use the content that you create and distribute at and do not deprive you of your rights over your own content.

Therefore, in order to provide our services, we need some legal permissions from you in order to use this content, especially when you distribute, post or upload the content that is subject to intellectual property rights (such as photos or videos) in or in connection with our Products, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, free and valid anywhere in the world license to be able to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, to present in public or to display and translate your content and to create the derivative works based on it. This means, for example, that if you distribute a photo at, you grant us the permission to store, copy and share it to other people (again, according to your settings), such as suppliers of services that provide assistance for our service or for other Products of used by you.

You may revoke this license at any time by the removal of your content or account, however, let us inform you that for technical reasons, the content you delete may remain a limited time in the backup copies (although it will not be visible to other users). In addition, the content you delete may still appear if you shared it to other people and they did not delete it.

Under these conditions, you grant us the permission to use your name, your profile photo and information about your actions at regarding or in connection with the advertisements, offers and other forms of the sponsored content that we display in our Products, without paying you for it.



If you use the content protected by the intellectual property rights that belong to us and which we provide in our Products (for example, images, models, videos or sounds that we offer and that you add to the content you create or distribute at, we reserve all the rights to this content (but not to your content). You may use our copyrights or trademarks (or any other similar marks) only with our prior consent, expressed in the written form. It is mandatory to obtain our written permission in order to modify, create derivative works, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code from us.



We want the site to be a place in which people feel welcome and safe to express themselves and to post their thoughts and ideas.

If we determine that you infringed our conditions, we may assume measures against your account in order to protect our community and services, including by the suspension of the access to your account or by its deactivation. If necessary, we will notify you about your account at your next attempt to access it.

If you delete your account or disable it, the agreement between us and you represented by these Terms will cease.



We apply special efforts in order to provide the best Products and to offer clear instructions to all those who use them. However, our products are provided “as such” and we do not guarantee that they will always be secure, secured or error-free and will operate without interruptions, delays or imperfections. Also, to the extent permitted by law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability, adequation for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement of property rights. We do not control and do not enforce what people and other entities do or say or do not bear responsibility for their actions or behaviour (online or offline) or for any content they distribute (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal content and other forms of unacceptable content).

We cannot estimate when there might appear any problems in connection with our Products. Consequently, our liability will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law and we will not be liable before you, regardless of the circumstances, for any loss of profit, income, information or data, nor for damages, consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental, arising out of or in connection with these Terms or with the Products of, even if we were informed of the possibility of these damages.



We try to define clear rules so that we can limit or even avoid the disputes between us and you. However, in case of dispute, it is useful to know right from the start how it can be settled and which are the applicable laws.

If you are the consumer of this site, the laws of the Republic of Moldova will be applied to any claim, the causes of action or dispute against us arising out of/or in connection with these Terms or with the products of (“claim”).

In all other cases, you agree that the claim must be settled exclusively in the competent law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Moldova and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of that country.



If you access or use our Products and/or for commercial or professional purposes including the advertisement, operation of an application on our Platform, use of our measurement services, management of a group or a Page for a business or sale of goods and services, you are obliged to respect the conditions imposed by the site As it is described in the sections of Our terms mentioned above, you grant us a license on the content protected by intellectual property rights (such as photos or videos) that you want to/or distribute, post or upload to/or related to our Products.

For any access or use of the Products for business or commercial purposes, the concerned license is applied to the content that you or someone else on your behalf (such as the agency that publishes an advertisement for you or the provider of services that manages the content of your Page on your behalf) make it available on/or in connection with any Product. You will ensure also that you hold or obtained all the rights necessary to provide the licenses and rights that you (or someone on your behalf) grant us under the Terms of use for commercial purposes and on the basis of any other applicable additional terms, including the permission to display, distribute or deliver your content within the site

In order to comply with the legislation and to avoid several disputes regarding the protection of the rights of some third parties, you declare and warrant that your access or use of the site for business or commercial purposes complies with all applicable laws, norms and regulations.

At the same time, you declare that you will restrict the access to your content and applications in accordance with all applicable laws, norms and regulations, including the location filtering or restriction of access depending on the distributed advertisement.

At the site it is prohibited the advertisement that:

- constitutes, facilitates or promotes illegal, unsafe products, services or activities or that exploit, mislead or exert an excessive pressure on the groups of minor persons.

- represents aggressive advertising practices or includes elements that discriminate, harass, provoke or denigrate the users of the site.

- promotes the sale or use of tobacco products and related accessories.

- promotes the sale or use of prohibited or recreational drugs.

- promotes the sale or use of unsafe supplements.

- promotes the sale or use of weapons, munitions or explosives.

- promotes the sale or use of the products or services for adults, with the exception of the advertisements of family planning and contraception services and products.

 - includes the elements of the content for adults (nudity, illustrations with persons in explicit or suggestive positions, or the activities too suggestive or provocative from the sexual point of view).

- includes the elements infringing the rights of a third party, such as of copyright, trademark, confidentiality, advertisement or other personal or property rights.

Your advertisements must comply with all the applicable laws, regulations and rules. Failure to comply with the laws may have several consequences, including the cancellation of advertisements that you published and the closure of your account.

The repeated posting by you of the content that infringes the conditions/policies of the site, will reserve the right to assume additional measures with respect to your account, including by addressing to the competent authorities, for the purpose of the bringing to responsibility.


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