Payment and reimbursement policy


For the purpose of the provision of the advertising services and other paid services on the site, there will be charged the certain fees depending on the requested service that may be performed according to the modalities found on the site.


Types of services on site:

-        Placement of Advertisement: Univers MD offers the possibility of the placement of the advertisement directly on the site without the intermediaries or advertising companies.

-        Verification of Profiles: Verification of profiles is performed for the purpose to make sure that the given person is real and personal data is correct.

-        Placement of an Event: Placement of an Event on the site has the purpose to inform the user about an event that will be in a particular city or country.

-        Change of the background image in the groups and on the pages: Change of the background image on the pages and in the groups offers the user the possibility to change the image according to his/her needs.


Security of payment

For your security at payment of a service on the site, make sure that:

-        Make sure you have a security system installed on the device you are using.

-        Do not use the payment of services in public places because there is the risk that someone will see your banking data used by you.

-        Do not give to any foreign person the banking data in order to make payment for a service instead of you, because there is a risk of being used for other purposes.

-        Keep the cards and personal data in safe places.


Bank transfers:

You can make a bank transfer, and for this you need to:

-        Decide what kind of advertisement or service you want to publish/request on the site

-        Choose the payment method to be used for this payment: transfer or online payment.

-        If you choose the payment by transfer then send an e-mail to our sales department ( with all necessary information for the requested service on the site or contact us at telephone number +44 1483 766 928.

Subsequently, we will send all the necessary data to be able to pay for the requested service.

-        After the payment, please send a copy of the payment order by contacting our sales department ( in order to confirm the payment transferred to your profile and the subsequent receipt of the invoice/bill.


Credit/debit cards

Our site accepts the cards VISA, Mastercard, American Express. For payment for a service, you should:

-        log in on the site;

-        choose the type of service on the site

-        fill in all the fields required to be able to fill in correctly the application of the request of a service.

-        After the filling in, click the “save” button.

-        The application is sent automatically for approval to the administrator.

-        The administrator verifies your application and sends you the approval or denial of the service.

-        In case of the approval of the payment, you will receive a link that will refer you to the window with payments.

-        on the site of the bank introduce the surname and name, card number, date and CVV code;

-        make sure you have enough money on your account to pay for the requested service, otherwise the payment will not be made and your application will be rejected automatically.

-        if you made everything right, then your account will be replenished immediately.

-        After the payment the requested service is placed automatically on the site and you can verify it at any time.

-        After the payment, you will receive an email of the confirmation of the payment for the requested service and sales check/invoice.

Note that certain methods of payment may be unavailable sometimes in some countries as a result of maintenance activities. This make part of our efforts to make sure that you make your payment easily and securely. If your preferred payment option is not included in the list, please contact us by email.

If your local currency is not accepted, you will be able to make payments on, however there is the possibility that your transactions may be subject to some foreign exchange charges that you will have to pay.

We appreciate the confidence you give us and we assume many precautions measures in order to prevent the unauthorized access to the information you have saved.

Please describe clearly the product you advertise according to the advertising/ service policies and ensure that you respect fully the requirements of the site

Find out more about the types of articles that cannot be advertised on the site: policy.


Reimbursement of payments

Under the legislation in force, we may meet the conditions for the reimbursement of the payments made by you, under the following conditions:

-        If during the payment there occurred an error and the payment was made, but the requested service was not placed.

-        Cancellation of the service by the administrator in case in which the requested service does not comply with our terms and conditions.

-        If you made a mistake or changed your mind about your contribution to the advertising of a product on our site, we will honour your request of reimbursement within 15 days since the date of the transfer.


-        In order to request the reimbursement of the payment made by you, please call at telephone number +44 1483 766928 or send an email to the address, maximum within 2 days since the date of payment, so we will have the possibility to return you money by means of the same payment method that was used by you. If you made the payment using the credit/debit card, money will be returned to the same card.

-        If you made payment for a longer period for the advertising of a product, and after a period you do not have the necessity to advertise the given product, after a prior notice of a month we will reimburse you any part of the subscription period remained after the concerned period of prior notice or you can use the remaining amount for the advertising of another product.


Reimbursement is not made in case:

-        When the requested service was verified and placed on the site, complying with all the necessary conditions and the term of the request of the reimbursement passed.

-        The placement of the requested service is published on the site, more than 10% of the content of the views.

-        In case in which you changed your mind, but it is not a serious basic ground for to be requested the reimbursement.


If you still have questions about our policy regarding the reimbursement and guarantee of the return of money, send us an email:


- or contact us by telephone number: +44 1483 766928

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